About us

Gauss is a company with many years of experience in applying geoinformation technologies in the areas of natural resources, physical planning, cadastre, utility infrastructure, telecommunications and electric distribution system. Gauss create projects, develops and implements complete geoinformatics solutions including the supply of technology, preparation of spatial data, and training users.

Data about the position are vital to every business and organization. Information systems based on knowledge of the location will provide the ability to visualize, analyses and exchange of spatial information for the purpose of making better decisions in business planning and management. 
Our mission is to provide you with an easy and fast access to technologies, knowledge and spatial data, to improve their business.
Knowledge and technology are integrative components of our business approach. 
Our professional team is trained and qualified to analyze and assess your needs and suggest and implemented a quality user solution. Geoinformation technologies which we implement in full support of all international, professional and industry standards, ensuring in this way the quality, functionality and longevity of use of our solutions.