Aerial photography

We can organize aerial imaging with a specially modified plane with the permission to fly over the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Plane flights, where the most sophisticated world technologies for imaging are used, are performed under strictly defined procedures, so the imaging will not be performed if all the conditions of the imaging project are not met.

The use of a GPS device combined with the cutting edge navigation equipment and high quality cameras give maximum results.

The example of aerial imaging is 3D model of the town of Travnik.

The following equipment and parameters are used in the project:


  • Lidar: OPTECH ALTM Gemini
  • Camera: APPLANIX DSS 322
  • Plane: Canguro SF 600
  • Flight height: 2500m
  • Camera imaging: in RGB resolution GDS 37cm
  • LIDAR imaging: 1-2 spots/square meter
  • Recording time: May 2009













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