GAUSS data

For more than 11 years, Gauss has been working on spatial data collection, analysis, migration and distribution. We have a large library of raster data (scanned and georeferenced maps of all proportions, satellite and ortophoto images from different time periods), vector data (vector topographic maps with proportion 200,000, 50,000, 25,000 and 10,000; there also other theme maps of geologic and geomorphologic character), table data (statistical data from different time periods, demographic etc.), digital terrain models (whole Bosnia and Herzegovina with neighboring countries in 30m resolution)   with an accuracy in decimeter obtained by LIDAR technology.

Basic map (themes and tables/layers)

  1. settlements,
  2. roads,
  3. ports,
  4. airports,
  5. railways,
  6. municipality border lines,
  7. border crossings

Natural resources:

  1. climate zones
  2. land use/land cover,
  3. precipitation
  4. ground,
  5. forests,
  6. heights/DEM (digital elevation model)
  7. waters.

Detailed infrastructure:

  1. Power supply network,
  2. Academic institutions

Demographic data (from 2005 to 20011 per municipality):

  1. population (per gender, age, education),
  2. students,
  3. primary school,
  4. high school,
  5. employed, unemployed, average salary,
  6. populated places,
  7. farm land (sown)
  8. crops (wheat, rye, barley, oat, corn – cereals, potato, garlic, peas …)

Standard: ISO

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Frequency: annual

Age: annual

Projection: DKS BiH or under request

Format: under request


For more information, contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus