Gauss FiGIS (Forest Inventory Geographic Information System) represents a solution in the area of forestry created thanks to a Gauss Team several-year experience in this area. The purpose of the solution is the procession of data collected in the field on the situation in forestry economy, and for the purpose of development of short-term and long-term maintenance plans, forestation and forest areas cutting.


Gauss FiGIS solution is a multi-modular product. The user has an appropriate module for data entry from the field. There is also a possibility to import the data collected by hand devices (GPS, tablet etc.). After the entry is finished, the user forwards the entered data to Gauss servers where the data are processed and the user receives the outcome in table shape and in the form of different reports intended for the development of plans to manage the forests. The whole application is multylingual.

System requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft Access 2003

For more information on this solution, contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus