Gauss support

Subscribe on technology program enables users to subscribe on annual maintenance in order to get to know all about product changes and upgrades in the subscription period. The maintenance program includes access to all program versions, improvements for ordered products. 

System maintenance that GAUSS offers may include the following activities:

  • technical support,
  • update delivery,
  • the delivery of any information about product changes and upgrades,
  • system operation corrections,
  • system adjustment in the sense of better adjustment to conditions and user’s needs and
  • other activities on ensuring undisturbed and high quality system operativeness.


Maintenance can be included into the initial order or with upgrade

It is necessary to ensure IT administering (by user) on internal level which implies network and server operativeness.

Help-desk service that GAUSS offers within its technical support activities includes:

  • first level of support on a phone call during regular working hours (8:00 – 16:00, from Monday to Friday) enabling the connection with appropriate experienced and qualified personnel (30 minutes per call) and
  • the second level of support by an e-mail during regular working hours with a response within 24 hours

If the system stops or some irregularities occur, with a nature indicating the need for a visit by Gauss expert, the installation spot will be visited and the problem identified and solved.

 For more information, contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus