GIS training

GIS training is organized in GIS laboratories in Sarajevo and Tuzla, which are technically equipped and authorized by GIS vendor. The trainers are experienced and certified. All attendants receive internationally recognized certificate on completed education degree. The training is scheduled according to arranged timetable and it is organized as multiple level courses. MapInfo training is the first step towards the understanding of advantages and functionality of digital cartography. MapInfo training is a key one for a fast investment pay off in MapInfo solution. We offer a wide spectrum of courses in order to improve your skills in cartography technology.

In companionship with MapInfo Corp. Training Department, we offer several options of education, including regular trainings scheduled annualy in authorized training center, single courses (organized) and one-on-one system trainings (mentoring) with an experienced trainer.  

Our trainers, as MapInfo experts are highly qualified to train the different previous knowledge attendants – from beginners to advanced users.

Gauss seminars are organized according to the following MapInfo and Oracle standards:

  • no more than 10-12 candidates attending one seminar,
  • each candidate has his/her own personal computer,
  • original software equipment, MapInfo Professional, Oracle DB, Oracle Application Server,
  • genuine coursebooks in local language,
  • licensed instructors whose knowledge has been regularly checked,
  • seminar is performed in candidates' language.

Daily timetable for Oracle seminars:

Typical seminar day is according to the following timetable:

09:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 10:45 Break

10:45 – 12:00

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break

13:00 – 14:30

14:30 – 14:40 Break

14:40 – 16:00


The coursebook, which each candidate gets on the first day of each seminar is a literature according to which the seminar is being held, by schedule and contents. After each lesson the instructor teaches, the attendants have practical hours for each lesson taught.

Certificate on completion

At the end of each seminar, each attendant receives an original certificate on completion. Improve your business and get the most out of your investment into MapInfo technology.

Short course description

MapInfo (3 days)

This course is intended to attendants who have not been introduced to MapInfo technology and includes practical hours which will lead you through the examples of implementing everyday activities. The course will train you to:

  • adjust the data presentation and user's interface,
  • understand the multi-layered project structure,
  • add your own data files using the functions of geocoding and point creation,
  • create different types of theme maps,
  • use annotations and page break for the development of functional printed maps,
  • make queries and geographic data browsing,
  • export maps into other software,
  • implement distance analyses (buffer) and MUCH MORE!

Cartography and data maintenance (3 days)

This is an advanced course which thoroughly introduces the user with creation, editing, maintenance and efficient data usage in MapInfo environment. It includes topics on drawing, editing, data access, data management techniques and similar actions. The course will train you to:

  • maps creating and editing (3 lessons),
  • data import,
  • data access using web service,
  • ODBC basic data access,
  • users' lines and symbols styles creation,
  • work on images,
  • metadata management,
  • data processing automatization,
  • topological arrangement and optimization of spatial data,
  • map merging function usage (seamless map sheets),
  • operating within multiuser environment.

Geospatial analyses and presentation (3 days)

The goal of this advanced course is a detailed introduction to visualization possibilities, analysis and presentation of data in MapInfo Professional. Some topics improve the knowledge from the introductory course, while others show new functions and possibilities. On this course you will be taught how to use:

  • advanced map thematization
  • surface creation and 3D cartography
  • SQL Select and Update
  • Users regions/zones creation with Redistricter
  • Distance Calculator and Spider Graph Tools
  • Creative map and exit presentation,
  • HTML maps publication on the Internet
  • HotLink functions and MUCH MORE!

Vertical Mapper (1 day)

MapInfo Vertical Mapper is an application for grid analysis, which completely integrates into MapInfo environment. On this course you will use Vertical Mapper for grid layers creation and management. You will learn to execute 3D analyses such as the creation of visibility areas, cross section profiles and points inner visibility research. You will also render 3D maps and execute grid querys. Some of the topics included in this course are:

  • introduction to Vertical Mapper,
  • different interpolation methods understanding and usage,
  • creation and manipulation over numerical and classified grids,
  • grid legend creation,
  • grid query execution,
  • the usage of different tools for grid splitting, assembly, cutting out, size change and reclassification.

Map Basic (2 days)

Map Basic is a program language that can be used to adjust MapInfo Professional. This is a detailed course, where you will learn how to write MapBasic applications, which automatize business and extend the abilities of MapInfo Professional. The course is of a practical nature and the attendants will be introduced the following topics:

  • MapBasic basics,
  • MapBasic applications compiling and running,
  • user's interface creation: dialog boxes, menus and buttons,
  • cartography windows and layers,
  • system information gathering,
  • theme mapping,
  • cartography objects creation and manipulation,
  • system events management,
  • tables opening and usage and MUCH MORE!

For more information, please contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus