LUPIS – Land Use and Planning Information System

Unique information system in the area of spatial planning, land use and the protection of space on all levels.

  • Interactive information exchange, more efficient browsing and data base analysis, monitoring of processes and occurrences in space with the aim of making appropriate decisions
  • Productivity and efficiency increase in the process of spatial planning  with lower costs of coordination and communication among subjects
  • The improvement of physical planning process in general and the improvement of decision making
  • Increased analysis possibility and monitoring of the influence on the whole area by using actual information on economy, energy sector, traffic and other branches.

Whole information system with WebGIS component is based on Oracle technology:

  • Database server: Oracle DataBase 11g
  • Applicative server: Oracle WebLogic Server
  • WebGIS server: Oracle Map Viewer
  • Developing surroundings: Oracle Application Express
  • System is completely open. The user (municipality, canton, entity) receives the full license of database and applicative server, which enables further development and system incorporation
  • The system is independent from any GIS software. The user can continue to use already purchased GIS software by any manufacturer or the user can choose to implement completely functional WebGIS , based on oracle technology
  • System is adjustable with Oracle APEX technology. The user can make changes individually in forms and reports or create the new ones based on predefined patterns.




  1. Updated digital geodesic-topographic-mapmaking interfaces in state coordination system
  2. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina spatial plan and other planning documents in the Federation,
  3. Cantonal and municipal spatial plans
  4. Natural resources with qualitative and quantitative marks
  5. Population,
  6. Infrastructure systems,
  7. Building and natural heritage and particularly protected areas,
  8. Environment jeopardizing (illegal building, ground pollution, water pollution, air pollution)
  9. Areas with particularly increased danger of consequences caused by natural and human  actions, catastrophes and military actions (seismic ground characteristics, ground stability disturbances, flood risk areas, fire endangered areas, areas exposed to possibility of technical catastrophes influence and high pollution due to the damages in plants etc.),
  10. People and legal entities dealing with spatial planning,
  11. Economy,
  12. Public services,
  13. Tourism,
  14. Utility services,
  15. Construction land and
  16. Other data important for planning and maintenance of unique information system.


System architecture

Gauss LUPIS is a WebGIS solution for ground managing information system. The solution consists of the following components:


  • LUPIS Portal representing WebGIS solution with the user interface and its integrative components:
  • LUPIS.Portal.InputForm, for prepared forms data entry,
  • LUPIS.Portal.Report, for generating the reports based on patterns,
  • LUPIS.Portal.MapWindow, for current map presentation,
  • LUPIS.Portal.LayerControl, for presentation of operating space and tables/layers,
  • LUPIS.Portal.Legend, for legend presentation,
  • LUPIS.Portal.Search, with a simple interface for data searching and filtrating,
  • LUPIS.Portal.StatusBar, with the presentation  of information on current cursor position or map proportion,
  • LUPIS.Portal.Toolbar, with the tools for object adding, editing and deleting, presentation style change, measuring and printing.


The complete solution is based on Oracle central database and UML data model. Oracle Spatial database option is used here in order to achieve total GIS functionality with the implementation of topology rules set.

For the development of the system, the Oracle Application Express is used. This represents a rapid development tool for Web application on Oracle database, so it does not require software instalation on the client. J2EE service for map rendering is Oracle Map Viewer which uses the spatial data managed by Oracle Spatial.

Thanks to this LUPIS architecture, it is possible to have full information system in the database and make the system administration simpler and more efficient.

GAUSS LUPIS 3.5 is supported with Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 11g R1, Oracle Linux 5.5. or 6, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

For more information, contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus