MapInfo Manager

Spatial data and metadata are extremly valuable to businesses, but bad data managment makes collecting tihis information worthless. MapInfo Manager enables organizations to build, manage, and maintain a centralized data management system . allowing clients, colleagues and business partners to access, search and use the data to meet their needs.

User - friendly data mangement lets you: 

  • Create a central database of searchable and standardized spatial data
  • Provide data access to anyone, anywhere and at anytime
  • Avoid duplicate data collection and purchasing to help lower costs
  • Increase organizazional knowledge about the best uses for spatial data
  • Meet regulatory requirements for metadata collection and sharing

One of the key features of mapInfo Manager is the management of metadata – which just means data about your data. Metadata can include information such as the vintage, source, owner, origin, location , geographic area of the data you have collected. This information increases the value of your original data and helps users to find the best ways to use its content.

MapInfo Manger metadata management allows you to:

Easily build a library of metadata

Automatically create metadata on upload

Keep metadata current by both - bulk and individual updates

Conform to metadata standards to ensure content is accessible and transportable

Optimize your data management with MapInfo ManagerMapInfo Manager

MapInfo Manager facilitates easy discovery and access of spatial data for users troughout your organizaton. Our sophisticated data ,amagement tools will let you catalog, publish and share your data with ease, letting you command of your spatial assets.