MapInfo Spatial Server

​Pitney Bowes MapInfo Spatial Server is an enterprise platform designet to provide you with a suite of broadly applicable location capabilities, solving a wide variety of business problems. It helps to centrally manage your GIS and data and expose these trough standard interfaces which can be consumed by virtually and client. The standard interfaces help easy integration to core GIS funcionality and keep those costs down. MapInfo Spatial Server aids in the design and implementation of business applications using location capabilities by providing:


Geocoding is the proces of taking an address and determining it s geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). Geocoding can be used for map generation, but that is only one application. The underlying location data can help drive business decisions. reversing the process, you can enter a geocode (a point represented by a latitude and longitude coordinate) and receive address information about the geocode.

Enterprise Mapping

MapInfo Spatial Server

Mapping provides the ability to generate maps, and also the ability to create new information about your data by assessing, evaluating, analyzing and modeling geographic relationships. Using the enterprise mapping module allows you to process and transform your information into valuable business intelligence. Enterprise Mapping provides a suite of broadly applicable location capabilities trough services and access via REST and SOAP APIs. These location capabilites include mapping, tiling, feature searching, geometry calculations, WMS (web map), WFS (web feature) and CSW (catalog service).