MIAT – MapInfo Advanced Toolbox

MapInfo Advanced Toolbox is a set of tools for Pitney Bowes Software MapInfo Professional, developed as a result of Gauss Team's several-year experience, but also by our users who suggested the need for such functionality.

Standard tools facilitate users' everyday work in MapInfo environment, enabling easier window adjustment, view recording and map images, data finding etc. Tools facilitating the usage of publicly accessible services (Open Street Map) belong to this set of tools.

Advanced set contains powerful data processing tools offering a comprehensive interface for aggregation, updating and buffering of data with multiple layers/tables at the same time, topology coexistence check, data or table structure optimization, and converting into/from some of the popular formats. In the abovementioned set of tools, there are also the tools for database level data history monitoring.


  • Window hierarchy Window Hierarchy Switch
  • Drag and drop window (re-parent) Enables the insertion of map window into another window
  • Drag and drop legend Enables the insertion of a legend into a map window
  • Change window name Changes the name on a selected window
  • Adjust the size of the window according to selected object Adjusts the size of the window according to the selected object
  • Working with views on a map Views Choice, saving current view, clear views
  • Primary view Setting the initial view for the map layer
  • Open views workspace 
  • Save views workspace  
  • Conversion of DMS coordinates  to decimal levels of the table and vice versa
  • Optimal location Searching for optimal location
  • Search for objects in the buffer Searching for objects on certain distance from the selected object
  • Make selected object editable Layer with selected objects becomes editable
  • Select all in the window Selects all visible objects on editable layer
  • Select all Selects all or specific objects on editable layer
  • Zoom to selected object Zooming to selected object
  • Select style Selection according to object style
  • Selection (tab) Circular moving through selected objects
  • Raster Info Gives information on present rasters on a specified location
  • Open Street Map recording Inputting Open Street Map recordings into a map
  • Map browsing Map browsing by an address according to Open Street Map service
  • Open tables from Oracle server Extends the possibilities of table management from Oracle Database



  • Object aggregation Aggregation of objects by coordinates
  • Multilayer Buffer Creating buffers on several layers at the same time
  • Intersection buffer Finds an intersection and creates a buffer at the object section
  • Arrange the selected polygon Checks the topological coexistence of selected polygon
  • Merge a map into a layer Merges all layers on a map into one table/layer
  • Merge two tables Merges two tables into one
  • Merge points Draws lines which merge points
  • Length measurement Graphical length measurement between objects
  • Adjust font for all layers Changes fonts on all layers
  • Create grid Creates a grid of rectangles or triangles
  • Polygon overlapping Overlapping of polygons with region intersection options and the usage of queries
  • Object connection Connects objects with lines
  • Breaking points A number of breaking points on a layer
  • Scatter the points Scatters the points by similar coordinates
  • Symbol style change Changes the style of symbols for selected symbols
  • Simplify objects Decreases the number of breaking points making the objects simpler
  • Multiple arrangement Simple interface for arranging several columns from several tables at the same time
  • Export table to TXT Exports the contents of the table into a file
  • Optimize table structure Optimizes the structure by removing the empty spaces and changing the types into adequate ones
  • Scatter the data Creates new notes according to existing ones by interpolation method
  • Find and replace in a table Find and replace the data in a database
  • Tables merging Merges several tables into in order to work with several tables/layers like with one
  • Sort the table Sorting the data in a particular table on a particular column
  • Show table structure into TXT Table structure in a text file
  • Find and replace text on layers Changes textual objects on layers
  • Convert Mif and Shape Enables automatic conversion of mif and shape formats
  • Convert Geodatabase Enables geodatabase conversion (*.mdb) formats
  • Convert CAD Enables the conversion of selected layers into one output CAD format
  • GPX support Enables the conversion of data into and out of universal format for data exchange from GPS device
  • Oracle data history A possibility of managing, reviewing and comparing the data history via Oracle base



MapInfo Advanced ToolBox current version is 2.0.2

System requirements:

MapInfo Advanced Toolbox requires Pitney Bowes Software MapInfo Professional 10 to operate or newer version because the system requirements match the system requirements of appropriate version of PBS MapInfo Professional software

For more information on this solution, contact us at: ab.ssuagnull@selas  ab.ssuagnull@troppus