Satellite imagery

Quick Bird by Digital Globe™ is a commercial satellite with the highest resolution for remote detection available today.

Landsat, the oldest satellite program for acquisition of satellite imagery on Earth.

Quick Bird enables 60cm images. It was launched on 18 October 2001. Quick Bird gathers multi-spectral and panchromatic images offering Pansharpened products in natural colors – in the visible part of the spectrum and in infrared area at the same time.

The supported imagery modes are strip and area. In one passing, it is possible to collect up to 10-scenes strips, 165km in length. Quick Bird enables a wide spectrum of imaging, large memory for collected data retention, and the highest resolution among all available commercial satellites.

QuickBird has been projected for efficient and precise imaging of large territories with the leading positional accuracy in this area.



First Landsat satellite has been in orbit since 1972, and five more satellites have been launched since then.

On Landsat 7, the last in this series, ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper) sensor enables 7 bands of multispectral data in 30 meter resolution, plus one panchromatic band in 15m, with the scope of 183km on Earth’s surface.


Besides the abovementioned, there is a 60m resolution band in thermal infrared area. Landsat imaging device can memorize up to 500 full satellite scenes.  


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