Research and Development Services

Integration and development services

GAUSS develops desktop GIS, WebGIS and mobile gis applications adjusted to current market and users’ demands, applying different development environments and integrating different IT components from leading GIS and DBMS vendors.

Consulting services

GAUSS consultants are experienced experts with professional and academic education, certified by leading GIS vendors and IT centers, with the references from American, European and domestic public and private institutions for zoning, land inventory, land information systems (LIS) establishment, forest planning, and telecommunications and other utility infrastructure designing.

Geospatial research

Within its expert studies, GAUSS offers geospatial services in different areas of geoinformation technologies appliance. Applying the methods and techniques of vector and web based geospatial analysis, GAUSS has a several-year experience in spatial planning projects, farm-land inventory and valorization, geomarketing, telecommunications and power-supply systems.

GAUSS has been permanently active in the field of artificial intelligence in geospatial analysis research and innovations development in this area.