MapInfo® Crime Profiler


Achieve effective analysis of crime data

Police forces, emergency services and other organisations engaged in making our communities safer face ever-increasing pressure to improve services, to respond faster and to achieve more. MapInfo Crime Profiler enables information on crime patterns to be analysed to help law enforcement agencies deploy resources in a more effective manner. This crime data analysis can assist detectives in identifying and apprehending suspects.

Core functions such as hotspot analysis, interactive analytical investigation and temporal analysis are key features of this powerful crime data solution. MapInfo Crime Profiler also includes highly visual and interactive charting and graphing capabilities including sophisticated time-based analysis.


Rapidly analyse fraud data

Patterns of fraud change constantly. MapInfo Crime Profiler provides flexible solutions to support organisations in the analysis of developing fraud patterns.

This crime data software allows for new data combinations and overlays, visualisations and analyses, as well as the ability to rapidly vary the geographical aspect of any investigation. Organisations can locate crime hotspots and uncover fraudulent activity clustered around a specific location, be it connected residences, non-existent business addresses, altered ATMs or other entities.

Crime Profiler data helps organisations and agencies effectively understand fraud distribution and explore the mechanisms, dynamics and generators of fraudulent activity.