MapInfo Pro Advanced

MapInfo Pro Advanced is an extension to MapInfo Pro developed especially for high quality raster visualization and analysis.

This new engine revolutionizes the way GIS professionals use grid and imagery data and will dramatically improve efficiency. It is a next generation raster grid-based engine and data format that offers high speed processing without the traditional trade-off in quality.

MapInfo Pro Advanced is a native 64-bit application which takes advantage of a new data storage format, called Multi Resolution Raster (MRR). It also features an easy to use interface that is tightly integrated with MapInfo Pro.

The Multi-Resolution Raster (.MRR) data format provides very high performance with extremely large raster/grid datasets. The limitation is basically up to that of your disk storage capacity. Here at Pitney Bowes we have tested grids as large as a whole terabyte. The display performance, including pan, zoom, color changes, hill shading changes and even dynamic changes of color breakpoints happens nearly instantaneously. This technology supports storage of unified and sparse data. Change in raster data can be handled through this and also helps in efficient memory management.

MapInfo Pro Advanced offers pyramiding, which enables efficient display of data at all zoom levels. It gives support to grid and/or imagery formats.

MapInfo Pro Advanced gives you the ability to process and view data in ways that previously required a number of software packages. A geologist in the field, an exploration manager in head office, or a draftsperson in a regional office can use this product to track settlement activity, contour point data, analyse geographic data, facilitate map creation, easily produce scaled hard copy output, and more.


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