Federal Geodetic Administration and GAUSS have a fruitful cooperation that has been going on for 18 years on numerous projects, of which only a few are highlighted:

● Digitalization of data (scanning, georeferencing and vectorization)
● Creation of Real Estate Cadastre Database (BPKN)

● Establishment of a unified Cadastre software for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH); and maintenance of one third of the office in FBiH (www.katastar.ba)

● Creation of a database of geodetic points with a web interface

● Services for harmonization of data on real estate between the Cadastre and Land Registry in FBiH done on the project of real estate registration (harmonization)

● Creation of a Digital Archive information system for Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, an example of the implementation of the Digital Archive


The Federal Bureau of Statistics has put into operation the Web GIS portal in cooperation with GAUSS.

Within the project, an upgrade of the existing infrastructure was carried out, as well as the implementation of a web based geographic information system for the analysis and visualization of spatial data, statistical surveys and censuses of population and households in FBiH. GAUSS WebPresenter platform and Oracle Spatial technology were used in this project.
The result of this project is the provision of an IT infrastructure for working with spatial data, which includes:

● Implementation of an information system for input, control and processing of census and statistical data into a central database that ensures efficient storage and use of data.

● Linking the geographic part of the system to the central database, as well as its development for data visualization – an effective and comprehensible graphical representation of data.

Federal Bureau of Statistics, an example of a geoportal for citizens, www.gis.fzs.gov.ba


The project “Introduction of a unique GIS system for the Corporate society for production and transportation BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo” resulted in the centralization of all spatial data and access to spatial data of other institutions and organizations. Also, it included a real-time data presentation, intelligent analysis and full reporting, visualization via an online interactive map, as well as data search.

By establishing the GeoInformation system and forming a single database, rationalization, integration and optimization of decision making in several sectors have been achieved; as well as more efficient data exchange within the whole society.
By integrating data into a unified GIS, preconditions for better quality management of space and environment, decision making, implementation of laws and regulations from the field have been created.

Corporate society for production and transportation BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo, an example of a GIS system


Development Planning Institute of the Sarajevo Canton, with GAUSS as a partner, has upgraded its information system with the WebGIS component, which enables a visual overview of all relevant information related to the Canton Sarajevo area.

With the integration and centralization of data following spatial documentation was included:

● Geodetic and topographic-cartographic data

● Spatial plan of Sarajevo Canton

● Urbanistic plan of Sarajevo

● Regulatory plans in Sarajevo Canton

● Information on license applications (urban, location, construction, use)

● Metadata.

Bureau for planning the development of Sarajevo Canton, an example of geoportals for municipal officials and citizens,


Public Enterprise Sarajevo International Airport d.o.o. Sarajevo, in cooperation with GAUSS, centralized all its spatial data and provided access to spatial data of other institutions and organizations; introduced GIS for real-time data presentation, intelligent analysis and full reporting, visualization via online interactive map, as well as data search.

In the framework of the project, a geodetic survey was performed for data validation. As a result of this survey a unique spatial data model was established.

Public Enterprise Sarajevo International Airport, an example of an interactive online map


Municipality Hadžići, in cooperation with GAUSS, was the first municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina that implemented the WebGIS solution on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The result is GeoPortal, a solution with all spatial data of interest for municipal officials, integrated with databases of higher level institutions: cantons and federation.

Municipality Hadžići, an example of the GAUSS WebCity implementation with modules


Institute for Spatial Planning of City Mostar in cooperation with GAUSS implemented geographical system for the entire organization, which consists of collecting data (orthophoto and LiDAR recording), central database establishment (Oracle), web presentation of data (GAUSS WebPresenter) and complete document management (GAUSS UrbanPlanner).

City of Mostar, an example of GeoPortal with 3D presentation, www.mostargis.ba


TomTom is a global leader in navigation, traffic and cartographic products, GPS sports watches and fleet management solutions.

GAUSS, as a partner of TomTom, has prepared all spatial data of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On these data rely both domestic and international institutions, and individuals, for planning, analysis and reporting on the Bosnia and Herzegovina territory.

TomTom uses data from GAUSS for the territory of B&H

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