Standard geospatial database

The Standard Database is based on Oracle technology and is unique in that it:

● Supports all business applications with first-class performance, security, availability, and scalability

● Runs on Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems with easy automated management capabilities

Advanced Geospatial Database

The Advanced Database for the organization is based on Oracle advanced technology followed by Oracle Spatial – an advanced mechanism for managing all types of spatial data.

The advanced database management mechanism offers state-of-the-art functionality:

● Protection from server failure, human error, and reduction of downtime (off-production time),

● Data security to record level with fine auditing, transparent encryption and complete data recovery,

● High performance data storage (data warehousing), online analytical processing and data mining,

● Simple management of the entire life cycle even for the largest databases.

Oracle Database, an example of the integration of Oracle BI with LI

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