MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro is a powerful mapping and spatial analysis application.

With MapInfo Pro organizations to build, manage, and maintain a centralized data management system – allowing clients, colleagues and business partners to access, search and use the data to meet their needs.

MapInfo Pro helps you present your business data through its cartographic visualization module . It clearly demonstrates the relationship between geography and data, thanks to its detailed maps and graphics.

PBS MapInfo Pro, an example for the B&H area

Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an enterprise platform designed to provide you with a suite of broadly applicable location capabilities, solving a wide variety of business problems.

It helps to centrally manage your GIS and data and expose these trough standard interfaces which can be consumed by virtually and client.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst provides an efficient way to publish information-rich maps to your website for easy user access and interaction-with no GIS experience required.

PBS SSA works equally on all platforms

CAD/BIM/GIS integration

Integration of GIS systems with CAD and BIM components, data modeling for BIM and digitization of archives to BIM methodology.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new procedure / tool in the process of project management. It is used throughout the entire project development cycle (planning / design / construction and maintenance of facilities).

BIM includes:

● Licence translation

● Creation of a data model for BIM

● Archive Digitalization according to the adopted methodology

● Moving of the digitized data to the server

● Integration of BIM and GIS databases so that users can simply switch from one view to the other.

CAD/BIM/GIS integration, example Municipality of Travnik

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